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# embed-etherpad-lite # Embed Etherpad Lite pads into Discourse
Embed Etherpad Lite pads into Discourse posts using Onebox.
Embed [Etherpad Lite]( pads into [Discourse]( posts using the Onebox mechanism.
# Installation
Read [Install a Plugin]( at
The configuration line you have to add to your container's app.yml file looks like:
- git clone
# Usage
After installation just insert Etherpad Lite links like into your Discourse posts or comments. The Etherpad will be embedded using the famous and beloved [IFRAME]( tag and is fully operational.
# Details
The plugin uses the ["Brand new plugin interface"]( to change URL's like `http(s)://domain.tld/p/pad-id` into HTML code like `<iframe src='http(s)://domain.tld/p/pad-id'></iframe>`.
That means it also changes your non-Etherpad URL's which looks just like Etherpad Lite links. Pleas drop me a note if you got a better idea about how to avoid this.
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