Commit 872e3093 authored by Thomas Citharel's avatar Thomas Citharel
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Merge branch 'fix-version-check' into 'develop'

Fix php version check

See merge request framasoft/framadate!223
parents 7e12443b 755cd18d
......@@ -86,7 +86,7 @@ $conf_filename = $inc_directory . 'config.php';
// PHP Version
if (version_compare(PHP_VERSION, PHP_NEEDED_VERSION)) {
if (version_compare(PHP_VERSION, PHP_NEEDED_VERSION) >= 0) {
$messages[] = new Message('info', __f('Check','PHP version %s is enough (needed at least PHP %s).', PHP_MAJOR_VERSION . "." . PHP_MINOR_VERSION, PHP_NEEDED_VERSION));
} else {
$messages[] = new Message('danger', __f('Check','Your PHP version (%s) is too old. This application needs at least PHP %s.', phpversion(), PHP_NEEDED_VERSION));
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