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Translate missing wordings

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......@@ -230,7 +230,7 @@
"Required fields cannot be left blank.": "Required fields cannot be left blank.",
"Poll title": "Poll title",
"Poll id": "Poll link",
"Customize the URL": "EN_Personnaliser le lien",
"Customize the URL": "Customize the URL",
"Poll id rules": "The identifier can contain letters, numbers and dashes \"-\".",
"Poll id warning": "By defining an identifier that can facilitate access to the poll for unwanted people. It is recommended to protect it with a password.",
"Votes cannot be modified": "Votes cannot be modified",
......@@ -355,19 +355,19 @@
"For sending to the polled users": "Participant link"
"Installation": {
"AppMail": "EN_Adresse mail de l'application",
"AppName": "EN_Nom de l'application",
"CleanUrl": "EN_URL propres",
"Database": "EN_Base de données",
"DbConnectionString": "EN_Chaîne de connexion",
"DbPassword": "EN_Mot de passe",
"DbPrefix": "EN_Préfixe",
"DbUser": "EN_Utilisateur",
"DefaultLanguage": "EN_Langue par défaut",
"General": "EN_Général",
"Install": "EN_Installer",
"MigrationTable": "EN_Table de migration",
"ResponseMail": "EN_Mail de réponse"
"AppMail": "Administrator mail address",
"AppName": "Application name",
"CleanUrl": "Clean URL",
"Database": "Database name",
"DbConnectionString": "Connection string",
"DbPassword": "Password",
"DbPrefix": "Prefix",
"DbUser": "User",
"DefaultLanguage": "Default language",
"General": "General",
"Install": "Install",
"MigrationTable": "Migration table",
"ResponseMail": "Respond-to mail address"
"Error": {
"Error!": "Error!",
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